A scandal erupted because President: country on the brink of emergency

Громкий скандал вспыхнул из-за президента: страна на грани ЧП

The head of state said that it is considering the introduction of a state of emergency in the country, writes politeka.

Such measures as the President of the United States Donald trump is ready to go to Finance the construction of a wall on the border between the United States and Mexico.

In case of Declaration of state of emergency it will be possible to redirect funds from the budget of the US defense Department to Finance the walls without permission of Congress.

Громкий скандал вспыхнул из-за президента: страна на грани ЧП

However, the expert on budget Todd Harrison expressed doubt that the financing of the construction of the wall thus would be legitimate.

“It’s against the law use of money for purposes other than those for which they were directed, without obtaining prior authorization from Congress. I don’t think the announcement of an emergency situation in this case could change the situation,” he said.

Also, according to Harrison, the President will prevent this intention.

“Moreover, the President is likely to meet stiff resistance from the Ministry of defense hawks in his own party if they try to use the billions of dollars in military funding for anything other than military purposes”, — he added.

In the Democratic party stressed that “absolutely unacceptable” to use the state of emergency, to build a wall, using military means, and Democrats are likely to challenge the administration in court.

As reports the edition “Voice of America”, according to the plan of trump, a possible source of funds would be the U.S. military budget.

“Experts point out that U.S. law restricts the President’s ability to appeal to emergency powers, and attempts to build a wall on the border with Mexico without the support of Congress would be subjected to serious opposition”, — stated in the message.

About this on his page in social network Twitter and expressed by the journalist Gregory Court.

“That is not provided for emergency powers of the President is spending money that was not allocated before the United States Congress. The only thing trump is planning to accelerate the building of the wall on which there is no funds,” he wrote.

Громкий скандал вспыхнул из-за президента: страна на грани ЧП

On abuse of authority and put the expert Brennan Center for Justice Elizabeth Goiten.

“An emergency has been declared for the construction of the wall would mean the abuse of emergency powers. But Congress itself created the opportunity for such abuse by the institution of the President, giving him full freedom to declare an emergency,” she said.

But despite a hundred supporters of trump support his determination to use the available tools to implement the declared objective is to guarantee the safety of the US border.