A Russian fighter jet “pushed” the US spy out of the sky over the Baltic sea

Российский истребитель "вытолкал" разведчика США из неба над Балтикой

Patrol and reconnaissance aircraft P-8A Poseidon was intercepted by a Russian fighter over the Baltic sea, reports Politeka.

This is referred to in the statement on the website of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation: “the Russian means of control of air space over neutral waters of the Baltic sea was discovered approaching the state border of the Russian Federation air target”.

Scout, was the “American” P-8A Poseidon anti-submarine patrol aircraft.

The press service of the office message said:

“The Russian air force flew the su-27 from the composition of the active-duty air defense forces. The crew of the Russian fighter approached to a safe distance to the air object and identified it as a reconnaissance aircraft P-8A Poseidon, the U.S. air force. After removal of the foreign aircraft from the state border of the Russian Federation Russian fighter jet returned to the airfield”.