A resident of Hamburg put husband on sale for 18 euros

Жительница Гамбурга выставила мужа на продажу за 18 евро

40-the summer inhabitant of Hamburg (Germany) under the pseudonym Dorte L put on the Internet auction site eBay her husband. According to the tabloid the Mirror, price of lot, “the Husband used” accounted for 18 euros.

It is reported by the journalist.today.

The woman said that interested persons can test her husband’s work, hire services for Christmas. She also said that in marriage they are already seven years and their relationship has outlived its usefulness and they “no longer belong to each other”.

As later reported, the author of the announcement, she has received many emotional responses, but no specific proposal.

Later the seller admitted that he posted a lot for fun, and added that her husband did not know about what is sold on eBay until I read about it in the local newspaper.