A reboot of Final Destination is in the preparation… By the writers of the saga Saw !

Un reboot de Destination Finale est en préparation... Par les scénaristes de la saga Saw !

Get ready to discover soon a new part of the saga Final Destination, not quite in the spirit of the previous films but still as gory ! Explanations.

Notice to fans of Final Destination ! The saga cult launched in the year 2000 will have the right to a new opus. But this will not be entirely the result of the final installment, Final Destination 5, released in the cinema in the summer of 2011. The franchise is unusual in that it does not stage a dangerous murderer like in a classic horror film. No, what runs after the characters is Death itself. And the Reaper (non-personified) takes the lives of the people who were on his list in a way extremely violent.

The us site The Hollywood Reporter has announced that a reboot was currently in preparation. At the helm of this film, there will be the screenwriters of another saga horror… Saw ! In fact, Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan – who wrote the last four strands of the saga. Suffice to say that the scenario is not likely to be more soft !

For the moment, we do not know the pitch or the title of the film, developed by New Line Cinema. But the production company’s already promising to be a “reinvention” compared to the five previous games. What should I expect ? A little patience, we should know more very soon.