A plastic surgeon told about the “new” lips of Kylie Jenner

A plastic surgeon told about the "new" lips of Kylie Jenner
A plastic surgeon told about the “new” lips of Kylie Jenner

This week it became known that the 20-year-old Kylie Jenner removed the fillers from the lips, which greatly agitated her fans. After she published a photo in her Instagram, many fans began to write compliments to her: people believe that now that her lips are smaller, Kylie looks better. On Monday she attended a party in honor of the final episode of “The Story of a Servant”, and in the photos from the event one can see a star in a new image.

American journalists talked with Dr. David Schafer and asked him to comment on the changes in Kylie’s appearance, and also found out about all the exciting details of the application of fillers in cosmetology and the side effects from their removal. So, the introduction of hyaluronic acid can be reversible, but silicone can not be injected into the lips in any case.

In fact, each person’s skin has natural hyaluronic acid in its composition, but if the filler is removed, the body will automatically slow the metabolism and begin recovery.

Most likely, Jenner used fillers firm Juvederm Ultra or Restylane. Because of the difference in the size of the lips, which she reached with the operation, I would suggest that she was given more than one injection. Now she has a residual “filler”, which will dissolve naturally,

– Dr. Shafer commented.

Shafer advises before deciding on the procedure to verify the validity of the license of the doctor who will conduct this operation, as well as to specify the number of clients who contacted him.

I always tell patients that they would prefer that they return again, rather than overdo it during the first procedure. In most cases, one cubic centimeter of the substance is enough, but sometimes there are patients who require more,

– the surgeon told the publication.

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