A. Okhrimenko: “At the moment in Ukraine is inadequate high rates”

А. Охрименко: «На сегодняшний момент в Украине неадекватно высокие тарифы»

The rise in price of gas for the population – it is only the flowers, berries ahead. In the coming months there’s a new increase in utility rates. Our long-suffering Ukraine has already established a sad record, becoming one of the leaders in Europe in terms of spending on “communal” in relation to the level of his income. Expenses of Ukrainians for housing and utility services at the beginning of this year approached 40%, which is 1.6 times higher than the European average. And all this against the background of the fact that Ukraine holds one of the last places among European countries in terms of average salaries and pensions. What “surprises” should be expected to Ukrainians in connection with the gas price hike, a rise of tariffs for communal and simultaneous reduction of subsidiesto, the correspondent of ГолосUA said President of the Ukrainian analytical center Alexander Okhrimenko.

– Alexander Andreyevich, how expensive the life of Ukrainians after the increase of tariffs for gas?

– Gas prices already rose by 25%, heating has risen by 15%, most likely, cold water and Sewerage 10 percent jump. On average, for example, the rise in price of utilities, if all the “wholesale” to count will be up to 20%. There, there and there will be. Although this figure is very average. Depending on regions it may be more.

– In the regions of heating more expensive than in the capital…

– Yes, we have heating depends on the region, and in some regions, the heating can grow in two times. It depends on many factors, where and how comes the electricity, depends on what kind of boiler where the gas, where the coal is all plays a big role. Someone the cost of heating will rise by 10%, but someone can grow in two times.

– What else will grow in price after the cost of gas?

– It is clear that, most likely, more expensive electricity is 5-15%, because again, any ideas on the chain. Gas went up, now the coal price will rise, and everything spun. In principle, inflation will accelerate. But, knowing how our state statistics service said, and now he will remember that we have a cabbage fell and carrots have fallen in price, the inflation we have maybe 1-2% speed up, though to be honest it will accelerate to 5%.

– After a rise in price “communal” and reduce the number of subsidianes 30% of debts on housing and communal services will become even more?

– Of course. I think the number of recipients of subsidies will reduce twice. Because people have nowhere to take money, they just will not pay all.

At the moment there are debts on subsidies. 38 bn UAH are debts of the population for housing and communal services. And, most likely, the debt will increase to UAH 50 billion.

And subsidianes cut more than was stated by the government (30%). New rules for obtaining grants will be harsh. For example, if a person is unemployed, in order to obtain the subsidy, he had to pay for three months of a single social contribution. Someone will pay, someone will not.

– If the person does not work, how he proceeds?

– It is believed that he has hidden income. Accordingly, from the point of view of mathematics, it is considered that, despite the fact that you are officially unemployed, you have somewhere around 6 thousand UAH of income is. The word “from” (money. – Ed.) we do not raise. It is an instruction to the SSA about how to count the unemployed. It says that if the basis of calculation is 3 subsistence – 5835 UAH. Manual are – it works figure. No talking here. But we must be sure before filing the Declaration that people willingly paid at least three months social contribution. If he does not, immediately throw a code immediately visible.

Plus are cars, homes… there is Also the situation regarding the residents of the village.

– What rules there are for the villagers?

– If the peasants have the land unit, should be a document of selgrade certifying how much he earned in rent. If a certificate he will not, he will count the inventory. That is, he thinks how much he could earn if he rented the land on lease. And if you have a certificate from selgrade that he gave the land on lease, then it becomes the figure clear. I think that rural people this will be a pretty big conflict. Peasants can’t really take land in rent, no one will pass, but it will turn out that he counted, in his heart he hoped that it will not be considered, comes for a subsidy, and it is much less than he expected. To the question why, he said that “you thought to share”. But the units are different, there are quite a lot of shares. Have 10 or 20 hectares. A man sits in the village, he was given a pie, he does not handle, not even rent it earns, and it is. A lot of nuances, not to mention PostScript.

– What else can cause failure in subsidies?

– I understand that now too many people are denied subsidies from the residence.

Colossal chaos related to how many people actually live. Now social security pays based on the number actually living in the area. And here is a great chaos. So I think that reducing the number of subsidianes will be more than 30%. I understand that some people just physically can’t bring a piece of paper. Roughly speaking, you will not be able to take the paper in selrade. And without the paper, nothing will happen.

– In Europe, we record the ratio of incomes to expenses for utilities. Ukrainians pay for utility 40% of their income…

– That’s an absolute record. And it is absurd. And after the increase in tariffs will pay 50% of their income on utilities. At the moment we have clear inflection. It is inadequate that there would not say that official statistics show 13%. At the moment we have inappropriately high tariffs. Therefore, debt will continue to rise.

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