A nutritionist told me how without dieting to pull the figure for the holidays

Диетолог рассказал, как без диет подтянуть фигуру к праздникам

It is important not to starve yourself, choose a questionable diet and not to set ourselves unrealistic goals. More effective to abandon the harmful drinks and food, go for smaller meals and move more.

The correspondent of ГолосUA told the dietician Lyudmila Babich.

“Do not expect the impossible from yourself and don’t put your goal to lose weight in 10 days for 10 pounds. It is impossible to determine, except that, if completely abandon any food and drink limited amount of water. But this is not the way – the body will quickly rebel, begin to “revenge” you manifestations of chronic diseases, stomach pain, dizziness and a horrible mood, which quickly give way to apathy and indifference to all the world. New year in a hospital bed is not the best way of celebrating” jokes nutritionist Lyudmila Babich.

Because, she said, is to set yourself realistic goals. In two weeks is safe and that the important thing for losing weight, without the threat of the quick return of weight to lose up to 5 pounds. For a week – no more than 2-3 and therefore do not need to become a different task. To achieve great performance, of course, possible, but the price will be very high – health, well-being and greater weight gain in the near future.

“Drink plenty of water. The morning begins with a Cup of lukewarm clean water with a slice of lemon – this drink is perfectly invigorate, awaken the body and start metabolism all the calories will actively burn. Remember, you need to drink often, without waiting for thirst – the water speeds up the metabolism. Abstain from alcohol, sweet drinks and packaged juices – only this simple step will significantly reduce the calorie daily diet,” said the doctor.

The expert recommends to eat often, but gradually. You need to choose only those products that meet nutrition.

“Even if you decide to stick to your diet, be sure to make sure that in the diet was enough protein and carbohydrates, a bit of vegetable fat and vitamins and minerals – without all these substances, the body decelerates the metabolism to the last will resist to burn fat on the waist,” added the doctor.

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