A native of the village of Cobusca Noua, Anenii-Noi district for more than 20 years working as a doctor in Romania

 Уроженец села Кобуска Ноуэ Новоаненского района более 20 лет работает врачом в Румынии

Several thousands of surgeries and the same number of lives saved. For over 20 years, our compatriot, native of the village of Cobusca Noua, Anenii Noi district, Yuri TOMAK works as a doctor in Romania. Now he came home to share the experience with specialists of the Republican clinical hospital. Yuri studied in Timisoara, and now works in a hospital Iasi. He admits he became a doctor by accident.

“I was faced by a dilemma where to go. Since I knew the chemistry and biology, chose medicine. And then, as they say, appetite comes during meal. I really like urology and everything I do,” said a doctor from Romania Yuri TOMAK.

Yuri arrives in Moldova a couple of times a year to see family and friends. However, to return for good he has no plans.

“When roots, then it is difficult. My family already settled there, we have all the necessary conditions,” – said a doctor from Romania Yuri TOMAK.

This time medic podelilsa experience with Moldovan colleagues. Some days he helped the specialists of the Republican clinical hospital to carry out minimally invasive surgery.

“I’m not here in order for someone to teach. I’m here to exchange experience, to show how I do it, to see how they do, and then choose the best way,” said Yuri.

First, an operation was conducted under the supervision of George TOMAK, head of the Department of urology Andrew Gelasco.

“We always cooperate with our foreign colleagues, in particular, with Romanian doctors, especially because the medic who is helping himself from Bessarabia. We have always had a warm relationship, and we never refused advice or assistance,” – said the head of the Department of urology RKB Andrew Gelasco.

During the operation the doctors removed large stones through a tiny incision in the lower back.

“The patient remove the stones without surgery. Under the skin are the devices that show on the screen the desired area, we can grind and remove the stones,” – said the head of the Clinic of renal transplantation Adrian Tanase.

Until now such operations were performed only in the hospital of the Holy Trinity.