A NASA probe found hydrogen the edge of the Solar system (PHOTOS)

Зонд NASA обнаружил водородную границу Солнечной системы (ФОТО) 

NASA announced that the probe New Horizons may have found a hydrogen the invisible boundary of our Solar system.

This writes Live Science.

Experts say that the probe fixed UV illumination, which has to come from the hydrogen wall. Scientists explain that looking for the place where the solar wind dies down and ends with our Solar system. Further stretches of interstellar space filled with hydrogen.

Due to collisions of solar heliachistic and hydrogen there is some hydrogen wall, a special way of scattering ultraviolet. It is this glow and could fix the probe.

Also the glow could come from other powerful sources far beyond the Solar system.

Also, we have previously reported that a scientist Antonio Paris of florinskogo College St Petersburg found rational obyasnenie mysterious signal “Wow!” who for 40 years was considered proof of the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life.

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