A man of logs and coconuts built a city for mice (PHOTO)

Мужчина  из бревен и кокосов построил город для мышей (ФОТО)

A man from the UK has built a “settlement” for mice, which he observed in your own backyard.

Reported by Bored Panda.

“I was outside, photographing the birds in the garden and noticed that something moving on the ground. I put the camera and was pleasantly shocked to see a cute little mouse, which stood like meerkats, among freshly cut grass,” said the man named Simon Dell.

Мужчина  из бревен и кокосов построил город для мышей (ФОТО)

He took from the home of peanuts, and waited for myshonok in the yard to entertain him. When the mouse returned with the Goodies, Simon realized that will make for him a safe place to hide and eat.

“First there was one mouse. He had a cut on her ear and we called him George. I gathered a few logs around the box and covered it all over with moss and grass to make a small shelter,” recalls Simon.

Мужчина  из бревен и кокосов построил город для мышей (ФОТО)

To mice caught by cats, he has made several metal inserts in the fence. The garden also runs a little Jack Russell Terrier that will not allow cats. Conducive and safe environment created by man, led to the emergence of another mouse.

“A few days later, I noticed that mice seem to more than one. Long did not have to wait – they both came for the food,” said Dell.

The man said that he often takes pictures of wild nature. Therefore, he felt that unless he made a house for them and they will become victims to cats or other animals – it will be his fault.

First, he built a house for a mouse, but to the extent that increased as the number of mice, it increased the number of rooms. According to the photographer, the houses have 2-3 out.

“I have prepared a vault for the winter and have increased place in the house. I now counted no more than five mice, and one female, she looks pregnant, so we hope to replenish the closer to Christmas,” shares the assumptions of the photographer.

To create a “village” photographer choice with lots of creativity. As housing for mice as wooden logs, large apples, coconuts. And among the “houses” apart toys to provide the city with “life”.

We will remind, in Kiev in the store a woman was attacked by a mouse

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