A magnetic storm from 23 to 24 January: how to protect your health

Магнитная буря с 23 по 24 января: как защитить свое здоровье

The whole day magnetosphere of the Earth will be turbulent

The end of January marked the event, which is difficult to call favorable. From 23 to 24 January, we expect a strong magnetic storm. To avoid problems with health, it is necessary to take timely measures to strengthen health.

Magnetic storm will begin on the evening of 23 January and runs until 24th. The whole day magnetosphere of the Earth will be turbulent, causing mood swings, worsening of insomnia, blood pressure, headaches. The advice of the astrologers will help protect health from the negative effects of magnetic storms.

Магнитная буря с 23 по 24 января: как защитить свое здоровье

A magnetic storm from 23 to 24 January
Geomagnetic disturbances will start the evening of 23 January. Thursday, January 24, the maximum expected surge in solar activity. This day meteorologists called the most dangerous. By the evening of the same day power of the Sun stabiliziruemost, but will still exceed performance.
The problem of these two days may be fatigue, depressed mood, impaired immunity, high blood pressure and headaches. Moreover, a magnetic storm of the first level happens in the middle of the week when we are most in need of organization and activity.

During these two days many people can feel the symptoms of illness. Expected to exacerbation of chronic diseases, lack of energy, anxiety, migraines, problems with sleep, appetite, blood pressure, weakening the immune system and energy.
How to keep health and energy
Quickly regain strength and lift your mood will help timely rest. Astrologers recommend to hold off with radical change and initiative in the field of communication, with travel, paperwork and business activity.
Magnetic storm punched a hole in the aura and not interfered with current Affairs, should as far as possible to unload their everyday life. You need time to go to sleep, observe the correct diet, to abandon the consumption of coffee and other products that can harm the body.
The people most susceptible to the perturbation of the magnetosphere, it is advisable to keep on hand all necessary medications, and in the case of ill health to go to the doctor.

To maintain the mood will help waiver of watching movies or news that improves the level of anxiety and concern. Information noise in the day can cause psychological damage, so it’s wise to replace the flow of negativity with something more positive, for example, listening to pleasant music or socializing with family.

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