A group of soldiers attempted to stage a coup in Gabon: the rebels arrested

Группа военных попыталась устроить переворот в Габоне: мятежники арестованы

In the Gabonese capital of Libreville, a group of soldiers seized the state radio station and announced the coup in the country.

About it reports Reuters.

The treatment of the rebels was issued at 4:30 a.m. local time (8:30 Moscow time). It was read by Lieutenant Kelly Ondo Obiang, who called himself the leader of the “Patriotic movement of military and special services Gabon”. He described the purpose of the coup “restoring democracy” in Gabon, writes the Associated Press.

Reuters, citing eyewitness reports that near the state radio station were about 300 supporters of the rebels, but loyal to the incumbent government, the military dispersed them with tear gas. Also, according to the Agency, the station had heard the shots.

After a few hours, the official representative of the government of Gabon, guy-Bertrand Mapangou said that four out of five of the rebels were detained. The fifth managed to escape, now he wanted.