A grief-mother threw the baby: found in a travel bag

Горе-мать выбросила младенца: нашли в дорожной сумке

In Transcarpathia mountain mother left her newborn baby in a travel bag in an apartment building, reports the Politek.

“Yesterday, December 25, at 06:41 am the police of the city of Khust received a message from the inhabitant of Kiev embankment. The Complainant reported that at about 06:30, she found in the stairwell of the house where, between the first and second floor of a travel bag with a newborn baby,” — said in the message.

Investigative team, which went to the scene, found in a high-rise building, a newborn baby boy who was wrapped in a blanket. Baby was hospitalized in the maternity ward of Khust the hospital with a diagnosis of hypothermia. Threat to the life of a boy no. As reported in the hospital, the boy weighs 3.1 kg.

Горе-мать выбросила младенца: нашли в дорожной сумке

In the group “Namehost” has issued a call to all concerned with a request to help with money for clothing and food to the baby.

On this fact openly criminal proceedings under the article “Leaving in danger the mother of a newborn child.” Would-be mothers face restriction or deprivation of liberty for a term up to 3 years.