A great sun (France 2) : the large plots of the episodes from January 7 to 11

Un si grand soleil (France 2) : les grandes intrigues des épisodes du 7 au 11 janvier

After the cut-off of the weekend, your serial A if the sun is high returns on France 2 Monday, January 7, from 20h40. Here’s what awaits you in the main lines until 11 January.

That is what awaits Jo (Valerie Kaprisky) ? Would end her days in prison ? Gaëlle (Hélène Degy) does she have a dark secret to hide ? Julian (Jeremy Banster) will he be able to convince the U.s. to distribute its miracle cream ? Discover the great intrigues that await you in A great sun for the week of January 7 to 11. The series of France 2 is broadcast every day of the week from 20h40.

To save a good time for all his business L Cosmetics, Julien is under pressure because he is going to receive Mrs Johnson, an American manager of a large distribution in the United States. To ensure that there is no hood, the head of the company has even decided to send Gary on a mission outside that day. But Gary being who he is, he will not be able to prevent himself from any attempt to participate in the success of the operation with the Americans. Julien, meanwhile, will once again make a difficult decision.

For his part, Jo was again placed in prison and she will do everything to convince Manu (Moses Santamaria) of his innocence. The journalist is convinced that she is caught by Gaëlle. Manu distrusts but he continues his investigation to unravel the true from the false, taking risks is increasingly important. On his side, Alex performs with Gaëlle that he believes in his good faith, and tensions will appear between the police officer and his superior.

On the eve of the trial of Dylan, Theo swim in the open doubt. The two young men will have to deal with a big dose of pressure with the conduct of the hearing, just as Inès testify against Dylan. The father tries to discredit the girl by claiming that she is being manipulated.

For his part, Bilal is in disarray since Simon left in him, and he realizes that he could lose everything. But their story is not yet complete. Hafida, the mother of Bilal and Akim, decides to meddle in the life of his son, which will again be a source of tensions.