A former special agent of the United States in an interview told about the dwarf aliens

Бывший спецагент США в интервью поведал о карликовых пришельцах

Former special agent of the United States revealed that his colleagues have done everything in their power to make of this discovery did not recognize civil.

About it writes portal dni24.

This happened in 1947 in Roswell, there’s a ranch crashed UFO. Many years later, a former agent for special investigations of the U.S. told reporters that the object was similar to an egg. A former special agent told that inside extraterrestrial flying machine was discovered by aliens, who at that time still not dead. Some of them were injured, but the growth was approximately 1.2 meters.

Former special agent of the United States said that while the aliens were taken for further investigation in Albuquerque, where the air force base.

Later the aliens were transported to Los Alamos. The ex-agent accused of disinformation. But he insists that what he says is true.

Earlier a strange creature in the bushes startled the young American.

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