A former employee of Uber made a “perfect” autopilot

 Бывший сотрудник Uber сделал «совершенный» автопилот

They include the Toyota Prius independently passed from one coast to the other.

Anthony Lewandowski, one of the main participants of the conflict between Uber and Waymo, announced the breakthrough in the development of Autonomous control systems. According to the engineer, his startup Pronto AI was able to build the advanced system of the second level and drive on it equipped with the Toyota Prius from one coast to the other without the intervention of the driver,transmits Motor.

Lewandowski claims that he created the technology — it’s just an advanced autopilot second level of autonomy. It gets data only from the cameras and basic digital maps. The autopilot is running created from scratch neural networks, combining the features of self-learning artificial intelligence methods, deep learning and computer vision.

Such a system, says Lewandowski, is not trying to tell the car how to drive, but to drive learning as well as humans. Hardware-software complex Pronto is able to predict the behavior of traffic participants and to take on the basis of this decision. The system is running in low-light conditions, direct sunlight, snow and rain, and is able to pass through the new highway, based on previous experiences.

The first commercial product of the company Lewandowski will be called Copilot by Pronto. This will be an advanced set of driver assistance systems (ADAS), designed for long-haul tractors, mining trucks and tourist buses. Debut Copilot will be held early next year.