A cure for Alzheimer’s disease suddenly killed superbugs

 Лекарство от болезни Альцгеймера внезапно убило супербактерии

Now scientists are trying to understand how it can be used to treat mixed infections.

Scientists from the University of Queensland found that the “side effect” medications for Alzheimer’s disease PBT2 was the almost complete destruction of antibiotic-resistant superbugs. As reported by the Technology, the medicine not only prevents the accumulation of heavy metals in the brain, but also disrupts the cellular structure of the bacteria, “killing” they have the ability to obtain nutrients,reports Life.

Microbiologists say that the complex therapy of bacterial infections with antibiotics and the drug PBT2 will almost twice to speed up the treatment even “running” cases of destruction of the body by bacteria. Now the drug is undergoing clinical studies, but its potential will allow to overcome practically any resistant to treatment bacteria.