A bad picture Google Maps a couple lost arms and legs (PHOTO)

На неудачном снимке Google Maps парочка потеряла руки и ноги (ФОТО)

Another defective picture became the object of ridicule in social networks, and as a “whipping boy” turned out to be a couple in love on the beach.

This writes the portal Vladim.

Google Maps has become famous worldwide not only as the international guide, but also as a kind of Internet meme. The fact that the Google maps people can find the famous and missing objects, and mystical settlements and even a place with paranormal phenomena. For this reason, the screenshots in photos become the property of the public Internet.

На неудачном снимке Google Maps парочка потеряла руки и ноги (ФОТО)

So recently another photo attracted everyone’s attention. The pictures are in different places people into a single unit, and the body at them one for two. The men’s feet are generally in different places. And while it’s obvious that this is nothing more than a trivial shortcoming of the software of the search engine, the photograph became an Internet meme in social networks.

Note that this is not the first school of Google Maps, which amuses users. At the time, in social networks for very long laughed at photo of a diver walking on the highway.

Previously at Google discovered a hideous creature.

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