9 January deadline for pre-registration for participation in elections of Moldovan citizens abroad

 9 января истекает срок предварительной регистрации для участия в выборах молдавских граждан за рубежом

The citizens of the Republic of Moldova with voting rights residing abroad or residing in localities on the left Bank of the Dniester river, there are two more days to pre-register to participate in parliamentary elections and Republican consultative referendum of 24 February, the deadline expires on January 9.

So, they can complete the online registration form under “Pre-registration” on the website www.alegator.md. Registration can also be done on paper, by filing an application, signed individually or collectively, to the Central election Commission and / or to the diplomatic missions and consular offices of the Republic of Moldova, MOLDPRES reported.

Citizens can pre-register by January 9 (due 45 days before the election). Not later than 25 days before election day, the voter can cancel your pre-registration.

The CEC notes that pre-registration does not imply the exclusion of a citizen from the voter list at his place of residence. If on election day the registered person will reside in the country, it will be able to vote at their place of residence.

In accordance with the legislation, pre-registration allows to determine the estimated number of voters who will take part in the vote outside the country, as well as the voters from the localities from the left Bank of the Dniester, in order to facilitate the opening of additional polling stations and determine the approximate number of ballots that will be distributed at the polling stations.According to page alegator.md, to date, registered more than 15 thousand voters.