75-year-old actor from the “Truck” came down with a heart attack

75-летний актер из «Дальнобойщиков» слег с инфарктом

Actor Peter Zaychenko, known for his roles in the movie “Taxi Blues” and the TV series “Truckers”, was hospitalized with a heart attack in the night of 9 Feb.

It is reported by “KP-Volgograd”.

75-year-old actor complained of pain in the heart area. Relatives thought Zaichenko pancreatitis, and called an ambulance. The injection temporarily eased the pain, but then it got worse. After calling again the actor was taken to the intensive care unit.

Honored artist of Russia Pyotr Zaychenko has played more than 50 roles in series and movies. Among them work in the film “Parade of planets”, “Plumbum, or Dangerous game”, “Taxi Blues”, “Siberia. Monamur”, as well as in the popular TV series “Truckers”, “Palmist” and “Plot”.

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