70 thousand inhabitants of Japan called for the withdrawal of us military from the island (VIDEO)

70 тысяч жителей Японии выступили за вывод американских военных с острова (ВИДЕО) 

In Japan, on the island of Okinawa was 70-thousandths of a mass protest against plans for the transfer of the U.S. base.

Reported by the Japan Times.

The cause of the protest was the fact that the planned transfer aviodrome US military base on Okinawa to another area of the Prefecture. The protesters insist on the withdrawal of us military from the island.

At the beginning of the campaign people observed a minute of silence in memory of the Prefecture Governor Takeshi Unagi, who died August 8, 67 year life. He became known thanks to the long struggle for the withdrawal of US military base from the island. In particular, the Unagi was against the idea of the government on the transfer of the U.S. military airfield in the coastal part of the island.

The action was also attended by the leadership of the Prefecture, including the acting head of the region, Kiichiro Ahana. he confirmed that the government of Okinawa will continue to seek the withdrawal of military bases from the island.

The decision to postpone airfield military base is due to the fact that now his runway is located in a densely populated area of the island. As a result, any air incident occurring in the course of operation of the base, are a threat to local residents.

So, on June 11 at the air base crashed fighter USAF F-15. Because of some problems the fighter pilot ejected, and then the uncontrollable aircraft crashed South of Naha.

Also, earlier, on 9 August, the us military, the United States transferred to Germany, a squadron of the fifth generation fighter Raptor in the framework of measures to contain Russia.

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