600 trillion suns. The Hubble telescope found the brightest quasar in the Universe

 600 триллионов солнц. Телескоп Хаббл нашёл самый яркий квазар во Вселенной

This is now officially the brightest ever recorded objects in space.

Using orbital telescope Hubble, scientists from the University of Arizona in the United States was able to obtain the first images of the brightest quasar in the Universe. The title of the most brilliant ever discovered objects won formation under the index J043947.08+163415.7 brightness is 600 trillion times more than a single star in the Solar system, according to Сosmosmagazine. To detect the object was not immediately apparent: the quasar is located almost at the other end of the Universe — between him and the planets of the Solar system 12.8 billion light-years,reports Life.

With the help of gravitational lensing (the effect that is created by one or several groups of stars or other celestial bodies), scientists were able to establish that glow super-bright quasar was due to the terrible reaction in which cosmic gas and dust fall into a supermassive black hole, where it explodes with incredible force. The energy released in the explosion, allowing the quasar to throw away a large amount of heat and light. The heat is dissipated in space, and the light is reflected from a “nearby” galaxies and extends further into space.

For a long time the title of the most striking formation was in keeping 3C 273 — the first astronomical object identified as a quasar. The quasar of this type opened in 1963 and brought to the subtype blazers — extragalactic objects with high luminosity.