6 signs that you have a repulsive energy

 6 признаков, что у вас отталкивающая энергетика 

Sometimes independence, an active position and pressure does not help to achieve the goal, but rather scare people off. If time will notice that others feel uncomfortable in your company, you will be able to rectify the situation and to improve their communication skills.

Here’s how to understand that people don’t like your energy.

1. People stop talking in your appearance

If, when you walk into a room, it immediately becomes quiet, it does not always mean that people were discussing you. Maybe they just are not comfortable to Express themselves in your presence. While you may be emotional, joking, talking loudly, but others remain quiet and not interact with you. This is what happens when you suppress others with their energy. You should take a closer look at how people behave around you. This will help you understand what you need to change in your behavior to more match the tone of communication with them,reports the Rambler.

2. You do a lot

This is a common mistake in communication that is abused nervous people. If every time you are so excited that can’t wait, when they talk, it shows your disrespect and repels people. Hard to control yourself while dealing with people, try antitireoidnye practices: mindfulness, meditation, breathing exercises.

3. Consider yourself assertive

A typical situation where your energy can be perceived as off-putting: if you’re an extrovert surrounded by introverts. To be assertive, to speak quickly and confidently — at the right time, these qualities will play for you. But it is a mistake to think that such dedication is suitable for any occasion. Want effective communication to take into account the temperament of the people you communicate with. Sometimes it is necessary to be calm, thoughtful and extremely considerate.

4. People physically moving away from you during a conversation

Body language will tell much more than words. Notice that people instinctively back off when you approach and talk to them, take a step back or slightly turned to the side, as if intending to escape — most likely, you have too an overwhelming energy. Or do you not know how to respect the boundaries and the interviewee uncomfortable because someone is encroaching on his personal space. Try to stand a bit further from human than usual, and lower the tone of the conversation.

5. You rarely use facial expressions

Lack of emotion may also disrupt the communication, and redundant expression. If your face is always calm and unruffled, people can misinterpret it. It is possible that they bother your seriousness. Or they perceive the appearance of composure as indifference, and in no hurry to go with you on the convergence. To better understand how you are treated, the surrounding people and how they feel in your presence, develop empathy and analyze their behavior.

6. Perceive the dialogue as a debate

Some people enjoy the differences. They use every opportunity to prove his innocence and to convince the interlocutor. Often they are driven by passion, not a desire to humiliate or tease someone, but people still scares so aggressive about their opinions. Before you enter into a debate, think about whether this dispute practical sense. You need to convince colleagues to adopt your idea, because it affects your future career then it is important and you need to go to the end. Trying to prove to her friend that she knows nothing about performing arts — you’re just wasting your breath, and possibly even hurt someone.