56-year-old grandmother fainted and woke up, she was 18 again

 56-летняя бабушка упала в обморок, а когда очнулась, ей было снова 18

The Manager Kim Harris of Denicola of US lost memory, and the last almost 40 years, he was removed from her life.

In the fateful day, Kim visited a group Bible study in the Catholic Church. And when I left the building, she suddenly became ill. The woman felt a strong headache, and in front of her blurred. She called her husband, he forbade her to get behind the wheel and said to his wife asked her friend to take her to the hospital, writes life.

But Kim there fainted. And when I woke up, the memory moved her almost 40 years ago, during the final examinations. And the woman thought that just got out of school on the last day to go home. Once at the hospital, American did not recognize any of his relatives.

“I left school and went to my car, just passing the final exams. <…> The nurse asked me, “do You know what year it is?” I said, “Yes, mA’am, 1980″,” – said Kim.

Husband, children and grandchildren have become her people. In addition, Kim, who felt at 18, was waiting for her parents come. And she had to relive their death. Physicians found it difficult to give a woman an accurate diagnosis, assuming that she has the syndrome of transient global amnesia. According to doctors, the probability that memories will return to her, is very small.

“I felt lost and kept waiting to come to my mom and dad. <…> I don’t know who Donald trump, Barack Obama or bill Clinton,” said Kim Harris Denicola.

Kim admitted that she was shocked by many things. Starting with her reflection in the mirror and ending with the wonders of modern technology. In the world of computers and mobile she all have to learn from scratch. Also again, a woman “acquainted” with the people who are trying to support her and hope for the best.

“There was so much pain, but my husband and the support of my family helped me through it. Maybe someday the memories will come back to me, but maybe not. But I accept each new day. Slowly put names to faces and I’m learning to live in 2019”.