54-year-old resident of the UAE with a parachute jumped from the balcony of the 29th floor (VIDEO)

54-летний житель ОАЭ с парашютом выпрыгнул с балкона 29 этажа (ВИДЕО)

54-year-old thrill-seeker Stephen Shipman, living in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), took off bright and funny videos where the wife, whose role was played by his old friend, asks her husband to immediately go to the store for milk.

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He, without hesitation, puts on parachute and jumps from the balcony of the 29th floor. Landed safely, Steven runs to the nearest market, where buying a bottle of milk and quickly returns home.

All this time he drags a crumpled parachute on his shoulder. The video ends with the fact that the wife drinks coffee with milk and admires her husband.

“I made a lot of movies with extreme content. Most of them simply in order to document an interesting dive, but I decided to diversify the storyline and filmed a staged video, making a trip to the store more interesting,” wrote Stephen Shipman in the comments to the video.

Earlier in the Crimea crashed paraglider pilot from Belarus.

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