25 thousand euros paid for a family vacation, the citizen of Moldova

 25 тысяч евро заплатил за семейный отдых гражданин Молдовы

25 thousand euros paid for the family holiday in Thailand one of our compatriots. This is the most expensive ever purchased in the Moldovan travel agencies. Family with two children chose 18 days in three cities of Thailand. They first visited Bangkok, then spent a week in the most expensive hotel of Phuket.

And then rented the presidential Villa on a private beach. In addition, they organized various trips and for all trips and flights they chose the business class.

“This rarely happens, maybe every two years because these tours a little bit. But given that the rest of dolisa as many days, the price is justified. In Greece there are hotels where the week will cost 25 thousand euros”, said the Manager of the travel Agency Mariana Grajdieru.

Another our compatriot has spent the rest 15 thousand euros. He wanted to impress his girlfriend and bought a tour to Singapore and Bali. In Singapore, the couple lived in one of popular hotels in “Marina Bay”.

And Bali lovers spent a few days in the mountains of Ubud, and then on the coast of the Indian ocean.

“It was a magnificent gift favorite to conquer it. They flew business class, rented a private yacht,” said the travel Manager Doina, Hirjau.

According to turoperatov, such cases are rather the exception. The most expensive trips to the Maldives, Bali or Thailand are worth about 10 thousand euros.

“Not everyone can afford to pay that kind of money for a vacation. Many people prefer to relax a few times a year”, – concluded the travel Manager Mariana Grajdieru.

Most of our fellow citizens choose to vacation in Turkey, Bulgaria and Greece.