130-pound man fell from the window of the 13th floor and didn’t break any bones

130-килограммовый мужчина выпал из окна 13 этажа и не сломал ни одной кости

In Zelenograd (near Moscow) 36-year-old man survived when he fell from the window on the 13th floor. Doctors believe that to survive man helped snow and a solid layer of fat – it weighs 130 pounds.

This writes the “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

As noted, the victim became ill, and he opened the window to breathe fresh air. Then, according to him, he dozed off. More man remembers nothing. Neighbors told that the inhabitant of Zelenograd fell on their conditioning, and then collapsed on the pavement.

The doctors did not find the victim a single fracture. Moreover, the man never even lost consciousness. The publication reports that the man is a former officer of the security forces, the master of sports in skiing. He began to rapidly gain weight after retirement. As a result of 36 years he “came” to 130 kg.

Earlier in Kiev battered woman jumped out of the window.