13-year-old girl from Moldova was raped by a roommate of her mother in Romania

 13-летнюю девочку из Молдовы изнасиловал сожитель её мамы в Румынии

Mother of 13 year old girls from Moldova went to the police where told that her daughter was raped by a roommate. The incident occurred on the first day of the new year in the village Schineni the County of Vaslui.

After the Christmas feast, the 34-year-old man raped minor daughter of his concubine. Learning about the incident the girl’s mother contacted the police.

According realitateadevaslui.net that suspect was detained and placed in custody for 30 days. 34-year-old man pleaded guilty.

It is known that a woman five years ago I left my children (then 8-year-old and one year old daughters) and fled to Moldova. The service for the protection of children’s rights in Romania took the girls and sent home to Moldova.

In our Republic, the girls returned to the mother, and with them she turned back to her roommate. At the present time about the incident, as well as lifestyle girls checks are carried out.