11-year-old girl fed friends candy with needles

11-летняя девочка накормила друзей конфетами с иголками

In the USA 11-year-old girl accused of putting needles in the candy she was handing out on Halloween.

This writes The Sun.

The police have recorded several complaints from victims who have received multiple injuries after consuming chocolates with foreign objects, in hot pursuit of the culprit has been found on the same day.

Traditionally, Halloween is all Americans participate in the game Trick or Treat (“trick or treat”). Children dressed in costumes of monsters, go home and get from their owners “payoff” in the form of various sweets.

For 12-year-old boy and a number of victims from the Rowan County game ended in an appeal to the hospital. The fact that 11-year-old girl handed out candy filled with needles. Now, with respect to a minor Tomboy, a criminal case has already been transferred to the juvenile court.

Earlier, the United States recorded a similar case – the unknown Halloween was handing out candy with needles.

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