101-year-old lady revealed the secret of his longevity, and he can not but rejoice

101-летняя старушка открыла секрет своего долголетия, и он не может не радовать

14 Oct Betty Newsham from Sheffield, UK, celebrated her one hundred and first birthday. Despite his advanced age, the woman leads a very active lifestyle — dancing, travel and even gambling.

The secret of longevity she shared with the newspaper Metro.

101-year-old Betty Newsham goes dancing, travels around the world and enjoyed spending time in Las Vegas. The woman performs housework and doesn’t need someone else’s care. Betty is sure that the secret to a long life is activity, and brandy, which she adds to every day tea.

The woman says that inside still feels young girl. However, the world around and then reminds her about the age.

“In Sheffield, things have changed and now there are more buildings and more cars. And I don’t think people will be as good as before”, – said rekordsmenka.

And yet Betty never complains about life. She has a big loving family — two children, four grandchildren and a great-granddaughter and many friends. Recently, Betty has a problem with his hearing, but even this does not prevent her to communicate with loved ones.

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