100 million views: the song “Crying” of the group KAZKA has broken a new record (VIDEO)

100 миллионов просмотров: песня «Плакала» группы KAZKA побила новый рекорд (ВИДЕО)

Group KAZKA video for the song “Crying” has set a new record, by typing on YouTube 100 million views.

In the end, the clip became the most viewed video in 2018 in Ukraine. Currently, it is the number of views is 105 million, and the number continues to grow rapidly.

Inferior clip in the Ukrainian segment of the video only “Name 505” group “Time and Glass”, which is 209 million. However this amount the movie earned in three years.

We will remind, in October of 2018, this video was included in TOP-10 of the service Shazam.