Young assistant humorist Petrosyan became pregnant – the media (PHOTOS)

Молодая помощница юмориста Петросяна забеременела – СМИ (ФОТО)

The young assistant of the Russian humorist Evgeny Petrosyan, who is divorcing his wife Elena Stepanenko, suspected pregnancy. Reporters went to their home to 29-year-old Tatyana Brownboy Tula.

It is reported by Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine.

With this information, the neighbors in the house where her mother lives, said that the woman herself has talked about the interesting position of women.

“The neighbors say that Tanya is pregnant. Like her mother, someone blabbed, they say, doesn’t know how to such a situation be treated”, – said the resident of the house where they grew up Tatiana.

The press learned that raising a girl calling a possible reason for the divorce of comedians, mother of Olga and grandmother. Tatiana’s father died when she was still a baby. The wealthy family was never – Olga is working as an accountant in the cardiology center. Start earning at Petrossian good money, Brukhanova began to help mother financially: pay for repairs, buy new furniture.

In the school where the girl studied, it is still remembered, although with prom it has been 12 years.

“Not to say that she was an excellent student, but he studied well. This is the behavior she has always been exemplary, Yes,” – say in the Tula school №53.

Former classmates Tatiana openly call a girl “gray mouse”.

“Her family is intelligent, she is always quiet, modest. At the disco, a noisy party never seen. With the boys also great friendship not driven, even in high school no one dated,” recalls the same age as Tatiana Anastasia.

After school Tatiana Brukhanova went to the capital, where studied at the art Manager at the University of culture and art. She worked as a website administrator Elena Stepanenko, then began to help the Director Petrosian, and after took his place. Tatiana Brukhanova already awarded the nickname “second note” because, as Armen Jigarkhanyan, Yevgeniy Petrosyan in 2014 was appointed assistant artistic Director of his “theater of miniatures”. Here young Elena Stepanenko came to audition, and then got into the Roman comedians.

Journalists noticed that in the last time Tatiana Brukhanova increasingly demonstrates in social networks luxury closet: coats, handbags from Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel. Also see her in the boutique Russian glamorous of designer Bella Potemkina.

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