Yogurt and beets: named way to lose 5 pounds in 7 days

Кефир и свекла: назван способ сбросить 5 килограммов за 7 дней

Yogurt and beets — some of the most affordable products, which will help you to lose weight. They help in the shortest possible time to get rid of just a couple pounds and cleanse the body of toxins and impurities.

This writes sovkusom.

This method of weight loss will be useful to anyone already sitting on a diet and physical exercises, but the arrow on the scales for some reason stopped and it did not get to move.

This diet is quite hard, because these 3 days you will have to use only 1.5 kg of boiled beet, 1.5 liters of low-fat yogurt and 1.5–2 l of water. Be sure to drink enough water, so that the body does not dehydrate, so that the toxins are removed and fluid.

This amount of food should be divided into 5-6 meals. If you do not like these products separately, chop the beets in a blender and mix it with yogurt. This cocktail you will enjoy it a lot more.

On the fourth day, in the menu, you can add 400 g of boiled meat or fish and citrus.

Such a shock diet will work, of course, not all. If you have health problems: disruption of the liver, stomach or kidneys in any case do not sit on kefir-beet diet and choose more suitable way to lose weight.

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