Without the next tranche of the IMF, Ukraine can expect the default – the economist

Без очередного транша МВФ Украину  может ожидать дефолт – экономист

Without the next tranche of the International monetary Fund (IMF), Ukraine may expect a default.

This commentary, ГолосUA said Executive Director of the International Fund blazer Oleg Ustenko.

“First, will attempt to enter foreign markets borrowing capital and attempt to borrow money there. If this attempt is not successful or there is not enough money, there will be serious problems with settlement of debt obligations. To consider the version about the default yet, the need to wait until the end of this year, and then it will become obvious to expect Ukraine’s bankruptcy or not,” – said O. Ustenko.

According to him, the Finance Ministry assured of getting the tranche, so as to frighten the creditors on their behalf.

“Statement by acting Minister of Finance Markarova about getting the next tranche is justified, as it is in his post should form positive expectations which may be against Ukraine in the international financial markets. Our country has a large amount of foreign debts. To scare the creditors, the Finance Ministry is doing everything possible to calm them down. In the current situation, the country should constantly to an external resource. She can do from external sources, particularly through the IMF. We are at the peak of the political cycle, and many promises that Ukraine must fulfill, very difficult to do. For example, to raise the price of gas. It is a political decision. Markarova need to develop a positive attitude to Ukraine, because if the situation will develop in a negative scenario, this means that you will need to enter foreign markets borrowing capital themselves. In the end, the cost of borrowing will be very expensive. Instead of the hypothetical 9% under which the country is now able to borrow money, she will have to pay a lot more,” said O. Ustenko.

Recall that if deputies will not take the controversial amendment in the law on the anti-corruption court, Ukraine may be left without a tranche of the International monetary Fund (IMF). This was stated by Director of the Fund Christine Lagarde said after a telephone conversation with President Petro Poroshenko. The government hoped that the law will be on the anti-corruption court – the trial is already in Carmine.

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