With the beginning of the heating season, 18 Oct gas for the population increases of 25% – the former Minister of economy

С началом отопительного сезона 18 октября газ для населения подорожает на 25% - экс-министр экономики

Ukraine buys Russian gas in Europe via the company-“pads” that belong to some Ukrainian politicians. According to this shady business, now just Rob the citizens of Ukraine.

About this on air of the program “Right to vote” on ГолосТV said the ex-Minister of economy of Ukraine Viktor Suslov.

Attempts by the Ukrainian government to persuade the IMF to go on any concessions, and especially in the issue of gas prices was not successful, said the ex-Minister of economy.

“These negotiations in what have not resulted. The current government understands that it is so unpopular and the increase in gas prices will not lead to positive results for her in the upcoming elections,” – said V. Suslov.

Ex-economy Minister said that since the beginning of the heating season from October 18, the price of gas for the population will be increased by 25%, however, from the point of view of the IMF, this is not enough. The IMF insisted that Ukraine brought the level of gas tariffs for population to the level of tariffs for the industry. High gas prices for the population must increase by 60%.

“For the industry we continue to raise gas tariffs and gas tariffs for the population chasing industry. This destructive policy for Ukraine. Chlorine production has stopped – at this price the gas companies can’t cost-effective to work. The race for the increase in tariffs will lead to the fact that we stop the industry that consumes gas. The government has not thought through all the risks when they took on increased responsibilities for raising gas prices for the population – level European import parity. Wanted European values, came to the Maidan – now get a European level of tariffs for gas,” said V. Suslov.

He added that we get a frantic increase in tariffs. Would be more profitable to directly buy gas in Russia. But this inflated pride that we refused to Russian gas, says only that we are making one blunder after another.

“We buy Russian gas, but we buy it through Europe, through company-strip, which belong to some Ukrainian politicians. Is shady business. According to this scheme, now just Rob the citizens of Ukraine”, – summarized V. Suslov.

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