With Mariah Carey was an unpleasant embarrassment (PHOTOS)

С Мэрайей Кэри произошел неприятный конфуз (ФОТО)

Famous singer Mariah Carey, which lost a lot of weight, continues to amaze with their concert outfits.

About it writes Today.

In one of these at the American Music Awards – 2018 with the singer had a nasty accident. The fact that she just couldn’t move around the scene due to the outfit.

С Мэрайей Кэри произошел неприятный конфуз (ФОТО)

48-year-old actress took the stage in a pink sheath with a magnificent hem. She Mariah stood on the stage without movement due to tight tight whole body of the outfit. Instead, all the dances were performed by half-naked dancers. Despite the bright surroundings and beautiful choreography, the audience reacted to the performance of the singer ambiguous.

С Мэрайей Кэри произошел неприятный конфуз (ФОТО)

Despite the negative comments, the room of the singer became one of the most talked about performances of the AMA 2018 in the network.

Earlier, Mariah Carey has lost 22 pounds.

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