Wife of 10 years has completely refused food for health (PHOTO)

Супруги на 10 лет полностью отказались от еды ради здоровья (ФОТО) 

To refuse to eat for 2-3 days, even a week is in principle possible, but absolutely not to eat food… Beyond reality? Not really. There are people who completely refused to eat and live well for many years. They claim that feed on the energy of the sun and the cosmos.

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Супруги на 10 лет полностью отказались от еды ради здоровья (ФОТО) 

Супруги на 10 лет полностью отказались от еды ради здоровья (ФОТО) 

Akahi and Camilla met in 2005 and married three years later. During their honeymoon in South America they met with breatharianism, according to which a person can live without food, absorbing the life force through the breath.

The couple decided to try to practice breatharianism. First, they switched to a vegan diet, and then completely refused to eat.

Akagi and Camille claim that he was able to do without feeding the body with foods for three years. According to spouses, the experiment went for them. Camille says that she began to feel more healthy, it has disappeared problems with excess weight, Akahi echoed his wife, saying, that never ceases to rejoice in the fact that 10 years ago they decided to feed air in the literal sense of the word.

However, the couple admit that a few pieces of fruit or vegetables per week all let. But, as they say, do not do it because of hunger, but simply because I want to remember the taste.

The couple have two healthy children, and when she was carrying their first child, practiced the so-called “principles Petrinsky pregnancy”: in 9 months the woman has eaten solid food only 5 times. All blood tests have conceede was perfect and in time she gave birth to a perfectly healthy boy.

By the way, their children Akahi and Camilla to breatharianism it is not forced, allowing them to eat whatever they want whether it be pizza, ice cream, fruit or meat. Parents are assured that when their kids grow up, they will be able to build a healthy relationship with food.

Meanwhile, the spouses live life to the full, indulging in the various pleasures of food which definitely is not included. Akahi and Camilla said that when they refused to eat, they had more opportunities, for example, to travel the world. “Can you imagine how much money we have saved on food?”, just kidding wife.

Attention! It should be remembered that not every person can as easily refuse to eat. There are occasions when the practice of peteryantv has led to a lethal outcome.

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