Widow of Joseph Kobzon for the first time after his death told of jealousy and scandals

Вдова Иосифа Кобзона впервые после его смерти рассказала о ревности и скандалах

Nelly Kobzon, widow of Joseph Kobzon, Yuri Nikolaev told in an interview about the jealousy of the husband. She officially gave an interview after the death of her husband, remembering their first years of marriage.

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According to Nelly Kobzon, she met her future husband by chance. It was the singer, he gave her a place in the auditorium of the house of the famous entertainer Emil Radova, at the moment when the guests watched the movie. Then she recognized who showed to her a token. Soon they begin to communicate and their relationship led to marriage.

According to the widow of Joseph Kobzon, she was in the first years of marriage was very much jealous of fans and colleagues in “the Guild”. Especially after the first child was born, and she could no longer accompany spouse during concerts. Sometimes it is specifically created around a rumor to cause her husband’s reciprocal feeling of jealousy. The scandals, though there were, after all, not avoid them, they always ended peacefully. Stories about the abuse of people’s artist exaggerated, he never raised his beloved hands.

Nelly Kobzon added, her husband in addition to creativity, left behind a heritage of a plan. He put a lot of effort into the construction of churches and children’s educational institutions, affecting the promotion process projects due to its authority. In addition, many still remember how Joseph Kobzon helped rescue hostages during the terrorist attack in Dubrovka.

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