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Чому новообрана президент Грузії насправді не проросійська – новини ZIK.UA

Taras Chornovil

journalist, political figure

Ahead of the curve with respect to the statements that in Georgia, you see, had defeated a Russian protégé in the presidential elections and that there is now a Pro-Russian government.

The newly elected Madam President, Salome Zurabishvili, long lived in the West, it just Saakashvili gave Georgian citizenship. Until 2004 she was a high level French diplomat, he held many responsible positions. His French career was completed in 2003-2004 on a post of the Ambassador of France in Georgia.

From this position, after consultation with Jacques Chirac Saakashvili invited Salome to the post of Minister of foreign Affairs of Georgia. It said that a diplomat of such class, Georgia has never been. His main achievement Zurabishvili has called the final withdrawal from Georgia of Russian military bases. And the post was lost in 2005 due to a conflict with speaker of Parliament Nino Burjanadze, which is very soon, Saakashvili called the Russian brain … … beautiful. After that, went into opposition, created a social movement its name, and then the party “Way of Georgia”.

The main strategic partner was the United States. Never made Pro-Russian statements. Refused to participate in the political life of the country in the fall of 2010, stating that the country has established a brutal authoritarian regime and a dictatorship in which opposition is not able to work and defend their views. After that he worked in the UN system.

To finally finish you “prorosyjskiemu,” adding that married Salome the Georgian dissident in Soviet times who was forced to immigrate from the Motherland.

There is in her biography one spot with the supposedly Pro-Russian accent, which is now speculating in Ukraine, Saakashvili’s advocates and political lawyers Grishina-Semenchenko. This is a hasty statement, which she did in 2008 after the Russian attacks on Georgia. There was no attempt to justify the aggressor or to silence his guilt, as is often done, our opposition, which Putin is not the enemy, they are fighting against Poroshenko and because the follower of Hitler for them is almost an ally.

Salomé harshly and accused Russia and Putin, but lastly, thoughtlessly said his first shelling of Tskhinvali, Saakashvili gave Putin the arguments to send troops and in fact contributed to his plans to start a war and occupation. But while these things spoke to many people in Georgia, Ukraine and the West. I also then some air said that Saakashvili did exactly what he hoped Putin.

Undoubtedly, for Georgia, where even such evasive phrase is a painful blow to national identity, the words of Zourabichvili, was unacceptable. But today in Georgia Pro-Russian and very few calls. More the hysteria tried to spin where there is or has allies of Saakashvili.

By the way, some of those who repeated this attack we do not see problems with their own statements, what I see, we are not Russia continues the war, and Poroshenko, because “he’s her prey”. And nothing, the ratings in such collaborators and Putin’s litter do not fail.

By the way, the candidate from the party Saakashvili and Grigol Vashadze of Russian has far more skeletons in the closet. He studied at MGIMO, worked in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the USSR, including KGB officers in departments Komsomol (???) and nuclear weapons. That’s why opponents have described his posters with inscriptions “KGB”. Then there was the Russian-American-the Georgian businessman. Only since 2008 has devoted himself to work for Georgia. In less than a year was three posts from the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs, Minister of culture and sports to the post of Minister of foreign Affairs, where he remained until 2012. From Russian citizenship refused. But to call him Pro-Russian candidate as unfair as Salome Zurabishvili.

And very lastly. That day, when Grishin-Semenchenko brought his fighters to Georgia, to Mrs. President said: “I do Not think that as long as Russia behaves the way now, given what is happening on the line of occupation, where kidnappings, and this line is moving deeper into our territory, closer to Tbilisi… considering how Russia is behaving towards Ukraine, I don’t think all of this means that we can now go to work”.

Maybe it is in anticipation of these words and actions prepared against her all these provocations, including with the involvement of the Kremlin canned food from Ukraine?

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