Who put the United States on the Ukrainian Mr. X? – news ZIK.UA

Хто у США поставив на українського Містера Ікс? – новини ZIK.UA

Sergey Taran

the analyst

Regardless of any election in the US White House policy toward Ukraine will continue to be influenced by two structures – the Department of state (analogue of the Ministry of foreign Affairs) and the Pentagon (Ministry of defense), which by nature have different tasks and often even compete with each other. And not only regarding Ukraine.

The state Department is diplomacy, values, and reform. The Pentagon is power, pragmatism and interests. The white House usually chooses something between the two strategies. The state Department helps only correct policies, but, for example, the largest recipients of US military aid (area of Pentagon) is Afghanistan, Israel and Egypt – the country, to put it mildly, different standards of democracy.

When from overseas in Ukraine, hear about reforms, anticorruption and dialogues – this is likely a reflection of the line of the state Department, and when on Javeline and a new Cold war, this is obviously the speech of the Pentagon.

It’s funny to hear when someone says that Washington “definitely” put on some regular Mr X. Just want to ask again: but who is that X set?…

Traditionally, Republicans choose the power, and the Democrats – diplomacy… And what would you chose?

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