White Russian: the new enemy of James Bond will be a villain from Russia

White Russian: the new enemy of James Bond will be a villain from Russia
White Russian: the new enemy of James Bond will be a villain from Russia
This year, the famous story of the British agent James Bond is 56 years old, and all in the film franchise includes 24 films. On this occasion, the producers in May announced the beginning of the pre-sale of “Bond 25”. The director will be Danny Boyle, who received an Oscar as the best director for the film “Slumdog Millionaire”, and Daniel Craig will return to the main role again.

Although two years ago he threatened to cut his veins, if only not to return to the image of Bond. A solid fee with a lot of zeros did its job. Filming starts in December this year, the date of release of the film in the rental is still unknown, but the main intrigue remains the same – who will become the new enemy agent 007?

The casting-list with the description of two important characters got to the network. It states that the male villain at the age of 30 to 60 years old, of Russian or Balkan origin, who can speak fluent in English, is required to play the main role of the villain. Main characteristics: charismatic, influential, bright, cold-blooded, vindictive.

And the role of his girlfriend is looking for a woman from 30 to 45 years with the same requirements for language and origin, as well as special combat training. Characteristics of the heroine: smart, brave, cruel and charming. It should be a real “tough nut”.

In addition, the list has an assistant villain between the ages of 35 and 55, who must be Maori (an indigenous people of New Zealand .– Ed.) By descent. The actor for this role must have combat skills, and among the characteristics of the hero are the following qualities: credibility, cunning and ruthlessness.

The last time a Russian villain in the Bond was 25 years ago in the film “And the whole world is small.” Then James Bond played Pierce Brosnan, and his opponent was a former KGB agent and incumbent terrorist Victor “Renard” Zokas, played by Scottish actor Robert Carlisle.

And another fellow countryman, Robbie Coltrane, better known for the role of Hagrid in “Harry Potter”, played the casino owner and former mafia Valentin Zhukovsky, who saves the life of a British agent. It’s interesting that their Scottish accent in the movie was decided to be played as Russian.

The appearance of a Russian villain in “Bond 25” is especially relevant against the backdrop of an international scandal involving the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal, which occurred in March this year. Russia was charged with the fact that the father and daughter were exposed to the banned chemical weapons “Rookie”, developed back in 1970 in the USSR. The substance has a nerve agent and may lead to death. Nevertheless, both family members survived, but are in a complicated rehabilitation process.

Before that, in the films shot during the Cold War, the directors were not shy to use KGB agents as enemies. So, in the “Osminojka” in 1983, where Bond played Roger Moore, the main villain was General Orlov. This role was played by British actor Stephen Birkoff. And in the movie “The Spy Who Loved Me”, Roger Moore played the passionate novel of 007 and Ani Amasova, a major in the KGB.

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