While transactions with large amounts, you can become the object of pursuit of criminals – expert

При операции с крупными суммами вы можете стать объектом преследования криминалитета – эксперт

During operations large amounts of money in Ukraine, you potentially become the object of pursuit of criminals.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the President of the Ukrainian Federation of security professionals Sergey shabovta.

“Car theft related to the theft of large sums of money, definitely rely on the deliberately produced information robbers. Of course, the sensational theft at times when the machine stole 100 thousand hryvnias is an element of organized crime. Because one person will never agree to such a thing. As a rule, these professional robbers with a car and a plan of action to retreat. By the way, such attacks are often carried out with extreme cruelty,” – said the expert.

According to S. Shabovta criminals in the country very quick to respond to any large sum when conducting financial transactions.

“Also, all of this is fueled by the total naivety of the people themselves – after all, dealing with large sums of money need to understand that at the time of their production, you find yourself in a zone of very high risk. The criminals in the country responds to any large sum. So if you make a deal, sell the apartment, or conduct other financial transactions with large sums of money, at this point you become a target of harassment by the criminals,” – says the expert.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that 3 unknown made robbery and stole 100 thousand hryvnia from the car in Darnitsa district of Kiev.

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