What was remembered by the contest “Miss Ukraine Universe” this year

What was remembered by the contest "Miss Ukraine Universe" this year
What was remembered by the contest “Miss Ukraine Universe” this year
For 12 consecutive years in Ukraine, there has been an annual spectacular show – the finale of the Miss Ukraine Universe contest, but this year alone, so much attention was focused on the beauty show. The fact is that for the honorary title and the opportunity to represent your country in the world beauty contest, Yana Belyaeva fought, to whom an affair with her husband Ani Lorak was fought, Anna Duritskaya – witness to the murder of Boris Nemtsov and participant of the show “Bachelor” Galina Pristash. SPLETNIK.RU tells all the most interesting about the contestants.

On the night of August 15, the jury chose the “Miss Ukraine Universe 2018” at the Fairmont Grand Hotel in Kiev, which was the 23-year-old Karina Zhosan. Hearing her name, the girl could not hold back tears and admitted that she had dreamed of this victory since she was 12 years old.

I knew that someday I could go out on this stage. Competition for me is another opportunity to draw people’s attention to the global problems of mankind,
– said the girl.

A blonde with perfect parameters (86-60-90) works as a model and flies to shooting in Europe, and also plays in the theater studio “Vivat Theater!”.

The first vice-miss was the 23-year-old native of Lviv Natalia Bolyukh. But the 26-year-old Yana Belyaeva, who is credited with having an affair with her husband Ani Lorak, was among the semifinalists and received a spectator’s sympathy prize.

Recall, the girl was in the middle of the scandal because of the video, which recently appeared on the network. On it the spouse of the singer Murat Nalchagiholu embraces and strokes a hip brunette in one of the Kiev clubs. According to the media, this unknown woman was a party from Kiev, Ian Belyaev. Alas, little is known about the activities of Murat’s companion (they say that she sells footwear and clothes in Instagram), but her Facebook page has almost no information, just a few photos from travel and from night clubs. The girl answered the questions of the traditional contest questionnaire as follows: “The book that influenced me most is” Love lives three years “by Frederic Begbeder, and if I need to describe myself in three words, then I will say that I am cheerful, trusting and stubborn “.

25-year-old Anna Duritskaya, a friend of the Russian politician Boris Nemtsov, who was killed in 2015 (in one of the interviews the girl said that he was a man of her life, and she still misses him), she won the title of third vice-miss.

Anna reported that her handbook is the work “Principle of Shambhala” by Sakyong Mipam Rinpoche (a book on how to achieve personal happiness and social harmony), and in three words she would describe herself as “calm, benevolent and elegant.”

The participant of the show “Bach” 25-year-old Galina Pristash (she was a step away from victory, but the main bachelor of Ukraine, the singer Born Anusi, preferred another, and by the way, he was in the jury of the contest “Miss Ukraine Universe”) also failed to get the coveted crown.

If you dream, then be 100% committed to your dream. If you want, then invest 100 percent of the effort. If you know the truth, believe in it 100 percent! Soon there will be an all-Ukrainian beauty contest “Miss Ukraine 2018”, and I know my goal,

– Galina Prystash wrote when she found out about participating in the contest.
Galina noted that for her competition is more a rivalry with herself, an opportunity to become better. “Every day I set myself certain goals and achieve them by small steps,” she said in an interview.

And to whom would you give the crown?

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