Weather forecast from the depths of space will help to protect the Earth from solar winds – news ZIK.UA

Прогноз погоди з глибин космосу допоможе вберегти Землю від сонячних вітрів – новини ZIK.UA

Information from the spacecraft, which travels the depths of space, will help scientists to predict dangerous space weather that threatens astronauts, satellites and power systems on Earth.

Scientists from the University of reading, UK, found that the data collected by the two spacecraft of NASA, which are now in orbit of the Sun, can improve forecasts of the solar wind by about 20%, – informs edition the Independent.

Such improvements in forecasting can be vital to protect us from the effects of solar events such as coronal mass ejections.

The use of spacecraft floating in space, to collect such information, it is possible to compare to weather on Earth, where data is collected from various points with the aim of improving forecast accuracy.

In their paper published in the journal Space Weather, scientists used information about the solar wind collected by the spacecraft STEREO.

Now they want to analyze the data collected by other spacecraft that are on a mission to mercury, Venus and Mars.

This, in their opinion, will allow them to more closely monitor space weather.

“Our study showed that this method improves the forecasts at least 20%, but we expect that this improvement will become even more significant when using the more advanced models,” said Professor Matthew lang, a meteorologist from the University of reading, who is the co-author of the study.

“You can use this method to combine data from solar probe Parker and apparatus for the study of the sun Solar Orbiter, which will help to understand the physical processes that cause the solar wind to move in the direction of the Earth,” he added.

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