Was “broom”, and became “Frankenstein”: in Rome again embarrasses with a Christmas tree – news ZIK.UA

Був «віник», а став «Франкенштейн»: у Римі знову оконфузилися із новорічною ялинкою – новини ZIK.UA

Was “bald broom”, and became “Frankenstein”, – concluded the Italian media debate around the Christmas tree placed this year on the Piazza Venezia in Rome and its last year’s predecessor, which is “famous” for the whole world after the installation is completely dry.

It is reported by RMF FM.

The authorities of the Eternal city announced that the current tree will be much better than last year, “broom”, as they called dried before last Christmas tree. The city Council insisted that the new Christmas tree will cause the Romans to forget about last year’s shame. Moreover, the sponsor of the installation tree is a well-known Internet platform, and its cost jewelry is more than 370 thousand euros.

However, when, on 3 December, on the square in front of the Altar of the Fatherland was set a Christmas tree, brought from the area of Varese in Northern Italy, it was found that it lacks many of the branches and in General, it has an asymmetrical shape. Holiday tree once dubbed the “polamalu”.

As it turned out, some branches cut off for easy transportation.

Був «віник», а став «Франкенштейн»: у Римі знову оконфузилися із новорічною ялинкою – новини ZIK.UA

“We had no other choice,” – said the newspaper La Repubblica, the representative of the firm, which is engaged in transportation of the Christmas tree. He added that the eliminated branches are again attached in its place.

“This tree-Frankenstein”, – said the representatives of the Green party, quoted by the Italian press. “I’ve never heard of this technique of transportation,” – said the Professor of forestry Marco Marchetti. But the teacher and environmentalist Fabio Salto emphasized that “the elimination of the branches of the spruce – it is a betrayal of its symbolic values.”

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