“Vorskla” in Poltava lost to “Karabakh” from Azerbaijan in the UEFA Europa League – news ZIK.UA

«Ворскла» у Полтаві програла «Карабаху» з Азербайджану в матчі Ліги Європи – новини ZIK.UA

Players Poltava “Vorskla” suffered a third defeat in the group stage of the UEFA Europa League of the season 2018/2019. In the match of the fourth round of the drawing “white-green” in Poltava lost to Azeri “Karabakh” with the score 0:1.

Football. Europa League-18/19. Group stage. Group “E”. The fourth round

“Vorskla” (Poltava, Ukraine) – “Karabah” (Azerbaijan) – 0:1 (0:1)

8 Nov. Start – 22:00. Poltava. The stadium named after Oleksiy Butovsky

Vorskla: Bohdan Shust, Igor Perduta, Najib Yakub (Nicholas Careca 55), Alexander Sklar, Vladislav Kulach, Vyacheslav Sharpar Vladimir Chesnakov, Yuriy Kolomoets Alexander Chizhov, Arthur, Paul Child

Karabakh: Hannes Halldorsson, Gara Garayev, Azerbaijan’s Maksim Medvedev, Simeon Slavchev, Marcos Michel, Araz Abdullayev, Rashad Sadigov, Abdullah SUBR (Mahir Madatov 81), Jon DeLarge (Philip Osabc 88), Jakub IESNA, wild-Donald Gurr ,

Goal: Araz Abdullayev 13 (penalty)

Warning: Najib Yakub 52, Alexander Sklar 63, Alexander Chizhov 80, Vyacheslav Sharpar 90+5 wild-Donald Gurr , 34, Maxim Medvedev 56

Vorskla tried to attack, but all her efforts leveled Arthur. During the attacks of the opponent which the Brazilian played at the goalkeeper who was under pressure, writes ua-football.com.

Shust missed the ball and fouled – he had few options. ABRT awarded a penalty, Abdullayev realized it – Vorskla from the start were at a disadvantage. Why Arthur played the way we played is unknown.

In spite of everything, the owners were able to approach the enemy penalty area. Frozen field and uncertain Haldorsson left hope for a goal, but Vorskla lacked sharpness at the end.

After the break Vorskla continued to attack, but just could not get into shooting position. Moreover, the team almost missed the second goal. Karabakh conducted an attack through the flank of the same Arthur, but Shust defenders prevented Subro to strike a blow aimed.

The referee then surprised and took the team off the field – the stands began the fireworks show. Most interesting is that the players went to the locker room, when the smoke has dissipated. The judge has resumed the game even when atmopshere in the stands calmed down.

In the end, the referee returned to the team on the field and to the main time offset as much as 12 minutes. Shakhtar Donetsk boosted its presence in half of Karabakh, several times disturbing Haldorsson, but it was not enough to achieve success. Poltava lost and the latter won the first victory in the Europa League.

If not for a penalty, hardly any of the teams deserved to win. However, what did Arthur?

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