Vika from NEANGELOV: “I wanted to kiss endlessly”

Vika from NEANGELOV: "I wanted to kiss endlessly"
Vika from NEANGELOV: “I wanted to kiss endlessly”
Soloist of the group NONANGELY Victoria Smeyukha admitted what her first kiss was.

It turns out that her first kissed actress is rather skeptical:

“It was probably not a kiss, but still a parody of him.” In the kindergarten, one kid, washing my eyes, said, “Let’s exchange chewing gums and so we’ll kiss.” I’m at it first, like on the fool looked, and he started to piss me off: “Are you afraid?” I’ve remembered it all my life! “, Vika shared behind the scenes of the show” Happy People’s Day, Ukraine! “.

But the “conscious first kiss” occurred in Vicky, when she was in the second grade. Interestingly, before that, she saw a prophetic dream.

“I dreamed of how a man kisses me, I was still surprised: what’s this dream?” This evening my boy after school went to the house and hugged and kissed me near the entrance, “the singer told in an exclusive interview to the Ukraine channel.

But the most vivid and sweet kisses, according to Vicki, only with loved ones: “Of course, this was when I loved a man.” I wanted to kiss endlessly. “All night long we were engaged in this.” We had the most energy-loving and strong. ”

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