Victor Krivitsky launched in Volyn custom new scheme is “EuroBLECH”

Виктор Кривицкий запустил на Волынской таможне новую схему вместо «евроблях»

The Creator and mastermind of the scheme “evropah” acting Deputy head of state fiscal service of Ukraine Victor Krivitsky, launched in Volyn custom new scheme to minimize customs duties while importing machinery.

The scheme is called “Shake” – from the name of the service SCHWACKENET, writes “Antikorr” (i).

According to the order of Victor Krivitsky, the price of imported goods in Ukraine b/ushny car should be checked in this service. To this end for customs purchased paid access to the service, and on each route determined person who has a username and password to enter the system.

However, in the German version, which is used by all customs offices of Ukraine, the price of cars by 20%-30% higher than the Swiss, which only uses the Volyn customs.

After Volyn imported cars became 20% -30% cheaper than through any other customs of Ukraine. So for the last month making on other customs of the country or even stopped, or is small amounts.

The newspaper reminds that the closure of “Evropskoj” scheme was one of the agreements between President Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman after the customs war in the summer of 2018.

But for Victor Krivitsky income from schemes to import transport is one of the main therefore brought in their own backyards – Volyn custom – scheme “Shake”.

The direct executors of the scheme is Dmitry Melnik, Sergey Kostenec . To register at reduced prices cars in Volyn customs have the right only brokerage companies that are in their orbit.

And these companies, whose total number in the tens, Sergey Kostenec and Dmitry Melnik already used in other frauds .

Then the brokerage firm imported machines by request of Ukrainians who self-paid their cost and customs clearance. According to the documents, the importation of vehicles are processed as they are selling from foreign companies Ukrainian companies. Enterprises as a result of getting tax credits and VAT refunds from the state.

The total amount of losses that were caused by Ukraine this scheme in the period 2017-2018, amounted to almost 300 million.

And former employees of these bogus firms now work in the organs of the GU SFS in the Volyn region. In particular, the Main state inspector of Department of control of compensation of the VAT of management fees and taxes from legal entities Karina Kisel has worked in firms “Bolingbrokes” and “awesome sauce” and even there to a salary of about 7 thousand UAH.

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