“Victim of plastic surgery”: Taisiya Povaliy shocked “rumpled” face (PHOTO)

«Жертва пластических операций»: Таисия Повалий шокировала «помятым» лицом (ФОТО)

People’s artist of Ukraine Taisiya Povaliy was struck by her appearance – her face is clearly visible consequences of the abuse of Botox.

New photo in Instagram of the singer came as a shock to her fans, because of the beauty procedures like the actress in the mask.

«Жертва пластических операций»: Таисия Повалий шокировала «помятым» лицом (ФОТО)

Many say that for them, escaped to Russia, has changed beyond recognition. It is worth noting that the singer in the photo appeared without makeup. However, not everyone liked her “natural” appearance.

Earlier, the Ukrainian singer Taisiya Povaliy admitted that there were moments when she had no voice because of the “beauty shots”. Then the singer even had to cancel concerts.

Also, earlier, Povaliy ridiculed subscribers for a photo in a new image. A photo of them posing in strange attire: black jacket, white cardigan, white pants strange cut and dairy boots with very high platform.

In the comments to the photo, fans immediately noted that the artist was dressed inappropriate for their age.

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