Vasyunyk I. V.

Васюник Игорь Васильевич

Vasyunyk I. V.

MP 7-8 convocations. First Deputy head of the Committee on transport.

Date and place of birth. Born on August 1, 1969 in the village of Great Lubień in the Lviv region.

Education. In 1992 he graduated from the economic faculty of Lviv state University. Franko majoring in national economic planning.

From 1996 to 1998 he studied at the Lviv Institute of management, specialty management of organizations.

From 2004 to 2007 studied at the Academy of public administration under the President of Ukraine (government).

Career. 1992-1993: economist of the company “Svitoch”.

1993 – 1995 — Director General of OOO “SKV”.

1997 – 1998 joint venture and Director General of OOO “Regional agricultural cooperative”.

1998 – 2002 — Director of “Ligure”.

2002 – 2005 — Director of Lviv winery.

From April 2005 worked as an Advisor to the Chairman of the Board, head of Department, Deputy head of the management Board and first Deputy head of Board NAK “Naftogaz Ukraine”.

Since 2009, he occupied the post of representative of the Ukrainian Railways in the government of Ukraine.

From 2010 to 2012 was the head of the Supervisory Board of LLC “Ukrkomplekt”.

Political ambitions. From December 2012 to November 2014, was a Deputy of the 7th convocation. He was a member of the parliamentary faction “Batkivshchyna”, was head of the Subcommittee on oil industry and petroleum product supply Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on fuel and energy complex, nuclear policy and nuclear safety.

In the autumn of 2014 – the Deputy of the 8th convocation on the list of “popular front”. Received the post of first Deputy head of the Committee on transport.

According to the study of the Ukrainian analytical platform VoxUkraine, Vasyunyk was in the top 5 of people’s deputies of Ukraine, the most active speaker for the progressive and reformist laws.

Policies included in the top ten MPs who are committed to voting and their duties.

According to the version of the same platform VoxUkraine, Vasyunyk in the list of the ten most effective MPs 8 convocation, which supported the reformist laws.

Dirt. Vasyunyk was accused of abuse of power during his work at “Naftogaz Ukraine”. The accusations against him to allocate money for the construction of roads in his native village, the politician said that the decision on the allocation of funds was made by the administration and regional Council.

Awards and regalia. The Chairman of the charity Foundation “Humanitarian initiatives”.

Family. He is married and has two children.

Income. Movable property, declared Igor Vasilievich and his wife: 11 land plots in Lviv region, 7 apartments in Kiev and Lviv, 3 car garage, 2 vacation homes, 2 houses, several non-residential premises.

Movable property: cars TOYOTA Land Cruiser 200 2014, Audi A8 2013, Audi G7, 2014..

Corporate law:

  • Charitable Foundation “Humanitarian law” — 50% ownership;
  • LLC “Lviv Construction ceramics” — 100% ownership (cost 1850000 UAH.);
  • OOO “Vaavi” — 50% (price 600 UAH.);
  • OOO “Vaavi resort” — 50% (600 UAH);
  • OOO “Vaavi-school” — 50% (300 UAH.);
  • OOO “Differential-51” — 50% (300 UAH.);
  • OOO “Differential-52” — 50% (667 UAH.);
  • “International financial company Investbud” — 30% (2190000 UAH.);
  • Vaavi holding B. V. — 100% (133550 UAH.);
  • OOO “Vaavi — 25% (250000 UAH.) declares wife;
  • OOO “Vaavi resort” — 50% (600 UAH) declares wife;
  • OOO “Vaavi-school” — 50% (600 UAH) declares wife;
  • OOO “Deutsche bratwurst” — 50% (230250 UAH). declares wife;
  • OOO “Rodovid-progress” — 100% (4000 UAH). declares wife;
  • OOO “Svityaz-tour” — 100% (44000 UAH). declares wife;
  • LLC “Management company “Nove Misto” — 100; (1200 UAH). declares wife;
  • LLC “Happy cool” — 80% (800 UAH). declares wife;
  • Service cooperative “Housing cooperative “national-1” is 33.33% declares wife;
  • LLC “Scientific-production firm “Energold” — 50% (50000 hrn.) declares wife;
  • OOO “Religion of peace” — 100% (1000 UAH). declares the wife.

Family members are also owners of the above companies and funds.

Intangible assets: the certificate of mark for goods and services by the numbers 192385, 192386, 211977, 211978.

The sources of income. Vasyunyk receives income from wages at work, and percent from the alienation of securities and corporate rights.

Monetary assets of the family: more than 23 000 euros, more than 85,000 dollars, more than 3 million UAH.

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